Families of Ocean ward​

The ‘Families of Ocean ward’ charity is run by parents of children who have been treated on Ocean Ward. ​The charity can provide emotional support to families of children referred to Southampton from antenatal diagnosis through to adulthood.

  • an active online community on Facebook where parents can support one another through shared experiences
  • financial assistance for some families during long ward stays
  • information about other charities and useful services.

You can email the charity at info@oceanward.co.uk
For more information, please visit the charity’s website: www.oceanward.co.uk. You can also find the charity by searching ‘families of ocean ward’ on Facebook.

The BHF website provides useful information about heart conditions, diagnosis and treatment. It also offers support for families and children and offers advice about preparing your child for a hospital stay. See the website for details of the helpline and publications.

LHM is a charity offering support and information for children and their families when a child only has half a heart (children with a single ventricle circulation). The website features parents’ and children’s experiences and includes a helpline, information and publications about feeding issues, travel advice, exercise and school information.

Provides support and information for children and adults affected by heart arrhythmias and their families. It has downloadable child-friendly information about many aspects of treatment including information about ICD’s, Reveal devices and pacemakers.

This registered charity aims to support and work with teenagers and young adults born with a heart condition (congenital), providing practical and emotional support, and enabling them to take control of their lives and manage their own condition. See the website for information, support, advice and details of their helpline.

The Medicines for Children website is developed in partnership by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), Neonatal and Paediatric Pharmacists (NPPG) and WellChild. It provides useful information about medications used in children’s medical care.

Provides information, advice and support for adults and children with cardiomyopathy.

Finding further support

There are lot of support groups which are linked to individual medical conditions. If you would like information on a support group please contact the Cardiac Liaison Nurses.

Support for patients and families