Sport and Exercise

Physical activity is important for children with CHD to help maintain a healthy heart. 

Every child’s ability and level of activity will be different. 

Heart Research UK provides useful advice about considerations for children and young people with CHD in their physical activity toolkit.

For children with Single Ventricle heart conditions, Little Hearts Matter provide excellent information and advice on sport and exercise.

Your child’s cardiac nurse specialist team can also offer further information and advice.

Care plans and education and healthcare plans

If your child or young person’s heart condition has an impact their ability to engage with activities in school, we recommend working with the school or nursery to create a care plan to guide the school about their condition and needs.

Information for schools and teachers about CHD can be found here.

For children with Single Ventricle Circulation, Little Hearts Matter provide a useful guide for going through this process.

If you require any additional advice about your child’s heart condition when writing a care plan or EHCP application, please contact your cardiac nurse specialist team for more information and support.