Research strategy

The congenital heart disease service is committed to the developments of improvements in healthcare delivery through quality research and academic activity. Research is an integral part of the service’s mission to constantly improve and be able to offer better care for patients. 

Southampton’s primary research partner, the University of Southampton, is one of the UK’s leading teaching and research universities. Clinical studies are carried out at the NIHR Southampton Clinical Research Facility and are supported by dedicated research staff. 

The congenital heart disease teams in the network engage in a range of teaching and training activities aimed at developing, maintaining and overseeing the development of network staff. 

Activities are run in a collaborative manner at specialist centres in Southampton and Oxford with the support of other clinicians in supporting network hospitals. 

The service is involved in a number of multi-centre and collaborative studies and areas of research include: 

  • Multi-centre study on outcomes following Hybrid-style palliation
  • Study on Fontan physiology (Comparison of exercise physiology in fenestrated versus non-fenestrated Fontan circulations 
  • Nutritional intake in children with congenital heart disease and relationship to growth 
  • Performance of grafts in the right ventricle outflow tract 
  • Analysis of pulmonary arteries post stage one in hypoplastic left heart syndrome 
  • Analysing current practice in the assessment of paediatric chest pain 
  • Medium-term outcomes following aortic arch repair in childhood 
  • Appropriate use criteria in paediatric outpatient echocardiography 
  • Registry review of BioPulmonic valved conduit.