Physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle for adults

On this page you will find lots of useful ways to exercise safely when living with a heart condition. 

Physical exercise for adults

Physical activity and exercise with CHD

A great Toolkit is available for patients containing information on why being active is especially important for people with a heart condition. Please see the link below to view and download a Toolkit for teenagers and adults with congenital heart disease. There are also Toolkits for teachers and club leaders. 

You can also seek further advice and information from the cardiac nurse specialist team.

Download the congenital heart fisease physical activity toolkits. ​

Physiotherapy services for patients with CHD:

Adult Congenital Heart Physiotherapist – Louisa Nielsen (based at Southampton).

The adult congenital heart Physiotherapist provides support to optimise surgical recovery before, during and after major heart surgery. Supporting you in preparation for surgery is core to improve your recovery and outcomes, ultimately allowing you to return home sooner and re-engage with physical activity. The Physiotherapist takes a holistic approach to provide you with advise and resources including activity participation, respiratory management, diet, wellbeing, smoking cessation and stress management.  

If you feel you would benefit from this service please speak to your adult congenital clinical nurse specialist.