Ocean Ward (E1)

University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Ocean Ward

Ocean Ward (E1) is a 16-bed children’s cardiac ward which includes four high care beds.

It provides specialised family-centred care for newborn babies, children and teenagers and includes facilities for patients with physical disabilities.

The unit is bright and welcoming and has been carefully designed to put children at ease.

For children who have been in intensive care, when they return to the ward they are nursed in a dedicated high care area which has specialist nurses and equipment.

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Play team

The play team work as part of a larger service within Southampton Children’s Hospital whose goal is to ensure normal play and development activities for children in hospital.

The team has one full-time play specialist with cover provided by additional play specialists from within the children’s hospital. The play leader attached to Ocean Ward (E1) supports development play across the ward while “Bedside Buddies” will also visit the ward when available to support any long-term patients when the play leader is not available.

Activities are organised in the playroom from Monday to Friday and can be arranged by the bedside if a child is unable to go to the playroom. They also offer the use of games consoles, portable DVD players, iPads and computers.

Children with learning disabilities can be referred to the learning disability specialist nurse for additional support and guidance.

Teenage facilities

A purpose-built room provides a recreational area for teenagers with internet access and other facilities including a pool table, computers, consoles, TV and entertainment services.

Southampton Hospital School provides a teacher to work with children and adolescents on the ward when appropriate and, if they are able to, they can attend the school at its location on-site.