Information for schools

The following sections provide information to assist health and education professionals caring for children and young people with Congenital Heart Disease.

If you require further information or advice please contact the child or young person’s cardiac team at Southampton or Oxford.

Information for schools

Information on congenital heart disease for teachers and schools

Where can I find out more information on CHD?

Information on Congenital Heart Disease and specific conditions can be found on the British Heart Foundation Website.

You can download the Heartpaedia app from the play/apple store to your phone or tablet. This allows you to access information about heart conditions and how they are treated as well as providing helpful diagrams.

Arrhythmia Alliance are a charity who provide information on heart rhythm disorders and treatments such as SVT, Pacemakers and ICD’s. 

Advice and guidance on care planning for children with single ventricle circulation can be found on the Little Hearts Matter website along with teaching presentations for staff and pupils on single ventricle heart conditions

Care plans and education and healthcare plans

If a child or young person’s condition has an impact on their daily life, we recommend working with the child or young person and their family to create a care plan for school.

If you require any additional help writing a care plan or EHCP application for a child or young person with congenital heart disease please email the cardiac nurse specialists with the child’s name and NHS number and provide any draft care plan which has been written.

*Please obtain consent to share information electronically from the child/young person and family before contacting the team* 

PE and CHD

Physical activity is important for children with CHD to help maintain a healthy heart. Each young persons ability will be different.

Heart Research UK provide education resources for primary schools and useful advice about considerations for children and teenagers/young people with CHD in a physical activity toolkit.

Further advice and information can be sought from the cardiac nurse specialist team.

Preparation for procedures, investigations and heart surgery

Coming to hospital can for investigations or treatment can be an anxious time for children, young people and their families. We have a range of resources which can be useful for teachers, SENCO’s and ELSA’s to use to help to prepare the child or young person for a hospital visit.

Common concerns relate to anaesthesia (video) and blood tests (video) and the team recommends the videos available via the links in brackets. There is more information on the child psychology department here.

We have a team of play specialists, a youth worker and psychologists who work alongside our medical team and are often asked to meet with children and their families to prepare them for visits to hospital.

If you feel a child or young person in your care would benefit from this support before a hospital admission, please contact the cardiac nurse specialists.