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Southampton Hospital School

Southampton Hospital School (SHS) is a unique educational setting based in Southampton General Hospital which serves the needs of children with medical conditions across the south of England.

It provides education for children while they are in hospital and a home tuition service for pupils who can’t go to school for medical reasons.

The school is situated in Bursledon House on the site of Southampton General Hospital (Tremona Road) and has classrooms based around the site. Alternatively, teachers can work one-to-one at patients’ bedsides if they can’t leave their bay or bed.

Any stay in hospital, or spell of serious illness, can result in periods of absence from school which creates extra worries for young people and their families around the potentially negative impact this can have on their educational progress and opportunities.

At SHS, every young person referred is provided with a high quality, engaging educational experience which builds upon existing skills and knowledge and is tailored to meet the individual needs of each child, ensuring they aren’t disadvantaged by their medical status.

Additionally, Southampton Children’s hospital has access to a ground-breaking initiative developed by charity Piggles Trust which provides early years (pre-school) education to young children in hospital.