Peer support event for parents of teenagers with a heart condition

November 2021

Come along to a British Heart Foundation One Beat event to meet other parents who have been through similar experiences, and a space to share, ask questions and support each other. 

There will be 3 One Beat members joining the event, they are all in their early twenties and willing to share their experience of growing up with a heart condition, as well as answering any questions you may have.

What happens when I join One Beat?

When you sign up you’ll receive:

  • Invites to fantastic online events where you can make new friends that have similar conditions and experiences.
  • Opportunities to get involved in creating new content to help other young heart patients.
  • Access to great resources about your condition and updates on the kind of research we’re doing.

The next event will be on Thursday 25th November 7-8pm via Zoom.

To find out more about the One Beat group please click here

If you would like more information you can also get in touch via email at