2020-2021 Annual Report

Welcome to the 2020-2021 Thames Valley and Wessex CHD Network’s annual report.

Message from the Network leads

2020 has been a very challenging year. The pandemic has obviously resulted in many changes to our usual activities. During this pandemic we have had to move both UHS and OUH PICUs to accommodate a larger General ICU footprint. Our most difficult times were when critical staff members were unable to work or were caught up in international border closures.

Our CHD service has been affected less than many other specialities, as Paediatric services were mostly maintained. Due to the huge difficulties that the NHS has faced during 2020, we are entering 2021 with a significant backlog in Electrophysiology work, elective Paediatric cardiac surgery and ACHD surgery.

Thanks to our teams’ resilience and hard work by all involved, especially our nursing staff, we can now plan how we are going to get on top of the backlogs this year. We are looking at solutions, including extra clinics, extended electrophysiological catheter lab sessions (long days) and will explore Saturday lists.

There have been many beneficial aspects to the new ways of working that Covid has produced, including increased accessibility of both our MDT meetings and educational meetings to all our stakeholders across the network by using online meetings and webinars. 

We look forward to a year of full repatriation of all our work and dealing with our backlogs as soon as possible.